MONIQUE STUBBS-HALL a native of Nassau, Bahamas, former resident of Baltimore, MD and current resident of Charlotte, NC. Although she doesn’t look like it, she is a Mother of four and a Grandmother of one. She is committed to “filling in the gaps” for our community in areas that others may not pay as much attention to. As a result of her passion to serve and lead others in the community, she was humbled to be honored as a 2018 inductee of the Women’s History Hall of Fame for Charlotte, NC in the Levine Museum of the New South.

From a professional standpoint, Monique has over 30 years in sales and management. She has coached, trained and mentored hundreds in sales, personal & professional development. She now enjoys providing business consulting for corporate, small businesses, young adults and business professionals in the areas of communication, image and leadership all areas that will groom them to greatness.  Monique has with over 17 years of multiple management positions, including Director of Sales in the hospitality industry and is recognized as a “Hospitality Expert”. It is her love for people that moves her to continue work in this industry as it affords her the opportunity to make a difference. Monique’s passion is training and mentoring others to close the gap between poor service and loss of revenue, the power of professional presentation and the impact of maintaining an executive mindset.

Monique is an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Poet. Her first published work is entitled “Love Ain’t Pain Free” (2006) written as a Journey of Self Discovery. She is also excited about her written works for our youth entitled “Ladihood – The Art of Being a Lady” which embodies her desire to empower parents to groom their young girls into “Ladies” as she says all of the time “Dainty is never out of style”!  Her published work “Manlihood – The Art of Being a Gentleman” is a wonderful guidebook for grooming boys into men with an emphasis on chivalry, attitude and behavior. 
Her desire to groom others and particularly our youth, moved her to create her non-profit organization the Grooming Greatness Foundation, with a mission to bond parents, guardians, mentors with their children through the grooming process. She has a passion for grooming our youth and especially our young ladies. Monique’s favorite quote is “it is of no value to have carats of diamonds in our ears and nothing but empty space between them”. Her goal is to empower our youth to have a 360 degree perspective of being ladies and gentleman and to consider it a privilege such.

Monique’s desire is that as individuals engage with her they will walk away refreshed and invigorated as a result of her positive mindset and genuine love for people. They will be inspired to pursue a new perspective of the necessity of enjoying life.

~A rich lifestyle has nothing to do with money but everything to do with mindset~

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