Founder/CEO, Grooming Greatness Foundation

Monique Stubbs-Hall is a Native of Nassau, Bahamas and now a resident of Charlotte, NC. She has an extensive background in both Cosmetic and Hospitality Sales and Public Speaking with over 30 yrs experience in both. She is a Mother of 4 children and Grandmother of 1.

With a passion for serving others, Monique loves to encourage others to not just achieve external beauty but to cultivate the qualities that build inner beauty. She strongly believes that a parent’s good example in mentoring, demonstrating a strong work ethic and cultivating good communication with their children sets a strong stage for their growth and success in life.

Monique is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author and Poet. Her first published work is entitled “Love Ain’t Pain Free” (2006) written as a Journey of Self Discovery. She is also excited about her written works entitled “Ladihood – The Art of Being a Lady” , “Manlihood- The Art of Being a Gentleman” and her Co-Authored works “Professionable- The Art of Being a Fashionable Professional and “Professionble-Every Woman Can Be Professional & Fashionable”.

Audiences from large corporate events to small intimate settings are captivated by Monique’s unique, captivating and motivating storytelling and teaching. The variety of presentations she offers provides versatility for her clients. She can easily move from a classic suit environment for workshops and discourses, into gown and gloves for an elegant evening of poetry (she is affectionately called the “Billie Holliday of Poetry”). Her professional yet enthusiastic personality is intriguing.

Her desire to groom others and particularly our youth, moved her to create her non-profit organization the Grooming Greatness Foundation, with a mission to bond parents, guardians, mentors with their children through the grooming process. She has a passion for grooming our girls into ladies. Monique’s favorite quote is “it is of no value to have carats of diamonds in our ears and nothing but empty space between them”. Her goal is to empower our youth to have a 360 degree perspective of being a lady or gentleman and to take pride in the privilege of being one, understanding it will impact their future success.

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