Have you ever been in the middle of an argument with a customer and you have no idea how it escalated to where it was, how you even got in the middle of it and how in the world are you going to get out of it? Well you are not alone! I can speak from personal experience, been there, done that and don’t ever want to go back. That’s why I am so passionate about conflict resolution.

I know the title of this entry caught your attention and it was meant to do so…because the next time someone attempts to “take you there” I wand you to look at them and envision a wind storm…air is swirling around this individual, you are on the outside looking at this tornado coming at you and you have two choices. You can #1 get pulled into the whirlwind or you can #2 suck the wind out of it in order to calm the storm. I think you would agree the latter to be the wisest choice. 

So let’s talk about it! Here are 3 Tips to keep you out of the whirlwind:

1. Look them in their eyes and don’t move. 

Most individuals can clearly express their dissatisfaction without “turning the place out”. When someone is unreasonably irate they are usually seeking attention for how they feel wronged and their goal is to intimidate you in order to prove they have the upper hand. When you look them straight in the eyes and do not move…You send a message that you are not intimidated by them and this first step may cause them to back down!

2. As they raise their voice lower yours. 
It’s a proven fact that matching or raising your octaves as they raise theirs is a sure fire way to start a full fledged argument. So try this: Practise lowering your voice every time they raise theirs. Speak in a controlled tone and pace that will calm the customer down without his realizing what just happened. 

3. Ask “how can I make this right for you”?

Most irates haven’t thought about a resolution.  In that moment they want to be heard by all means necessary, even if it means throwing a temper tantrum in your lobby or at your front counter! 

It’s no fun picking a fight with someone who refuses to engage and cannot be coerced into their whirlwind.                   

Having to think about your question may suck the wind out of them in that they will need to gain their composure in order to answer you. Hear what they want, promise only what you can fulfill, apologize for how they feel and implement yor solution quickly.

So the next time you see the whirlwind coming…see it for what it and act with haste to “suck the air out of the it”!

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