Customer Service is truly an art. With over 35 years of experience in service oriented professions, teaching the Art of Service has truly become my passion.

When faced with a customer train your brain to immediately ask the question “how can I knock their socks off?” While we know that expression can have other intent…keep your mind on rendering amazing customer service!

With that in mind look for an opportunity to wow them. First of all smile. As simple as that may sound it is the beginning of a successful transaction. It creates positive energy between you and them up front.

Next you must listen. Don’t be so quick to service them and move them along that you fail to hear their needs. Stop, breathe and listen! They will appreciate your attentiveness and it will go a long way.

Lastly, leave them something to remember you by. A coupon, special offer, your business card so they can ask for you the next time they come by or even some kind expression that makes them feel special.

The Art of Service is a layering. Take time to master the skill and you will “KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF” and they will come back!

*Professional Fashion Reminder: Even in a casual attire profession keep a polished look by tucking your shirt in and belting your slacks.

Stay tuned….afterall it’s always Fashionable to be Hospitable!

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