Envision this: You have shopped at a store or supported a service consistently for years just because you need what they offer. Now one day, low and behold, you walked in and everyone starts clapping and cheering because they were recognizing the 1000th customer that walked through their door and you were it! You reveled with joy and excitement as you received a medal around your neck, a bag of goodies and a coupon for a discount on your purchases for the day. “Wow” you thought to yourself ” what an amazing experience!”.

Now after a few days passed and the hype from that experience dwindled you began reflecting deeper. You had been loyal to them for many years and never received anything in appreciation. Now on a random day and by chance you just happened to walk in at the right moment and earned this recognition. As you continue to reflect you become disturbed and now a little annoyed!

The feeling that you are now holding onto is what we will address in this article. We want you to maintain a “top of the world” feeling in your customers mind and hearts consistently not randomly. Here are a few of my favorite concepts that, based upon your industry, can be successful in maintaining happy and loyal customers.

1. Establish a loyalty rewards program. These programs when implemented with enticing rewards for consistent use of your goods and services really work. A punch card or digital system are effective and customers get on a “high” with excitement as they get closer to earning their reward!

2. Set up a VIP Program. Allow your client after a certain volume of activity to recieve VIP status. This would permanently offer a certain discount on their purchses every time they step foot in your door…imagine how much more frequently they will cross your threshold!

3. On your slower day of the week offer a percentage off or a gift with purchase that is so desirable that they begin visiting you on that day every week or if you choose one specific day of the month…you can count of them showing up!

Hopefully implementation of one or more of these suggestions will help you increase your customer loyalty, provide more reasons for your staff to offer stellar customer service, increase your company’s bottom line revenue and most importantly have your customers leave as if they are “on top of the world” because they feel their relationship with you is valued!

Blog written by:

Monique Stubbs-Hall

Proffesional Speaker

Hospitality Expert

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