As a result of the 30+ years serving in leadership roles, I have had the opportunity to engage with other leaders and their management styles. Those who I found least effective and with more issues were those who had not cultivated the skill of persuasiveness as opposed to assertiveness. They looked at the word LEADERSHIP and only saw “LEADER”- THE BOSS, DICTATOR, DO AS I SAY DO OR BE FIRED! However those who focused on the portion of the word “SHIP”-realized they were simply the vessel to lead a crew to the final destination- and those with this service mindset fared wonderfully!

So who are you? What is your Management style?

When you focus on the “SHIP” you will be good to go! Here’s a surefire way to remember where your focus should lie as you navigate the look of your LeaderSHIP:

Show Them The Way

Make sure that as the Leader you set the example. When steering a SHIP you still need workers to handle all of the responsibilities involved to stay on course. You cannot expect your crew to follow what you yourself refuse to do. If you desire them to be timely, you should as well. If you want them to speak respectfully to you and other crew members, you must be respectful as well. If you ask them to work with a standard of excellence, then you must set the pace. The adage is correct “You can show them better than you can tell them”.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

There is nothing worse than a leader that cannot be trusted! Holding to high ethical standards is the best policy to have. The quickest way to sink your SHIP is to demonstrate that ‘your word is not your bond’. When others look up to you and they begin to realize you lie, cheat and gossip they lose respect, you tear down morale and your crew will rightfully jump SHIP!

Invest In Your Own Professional Development

You must realize you don’t know it all! Stay brushed up on techniques to improve your communication skills, verbally and written. Understand that you are human and leading a crew to a destination for success can be challenging at times. To work with a variety of personality types may require additional training on your part. Be willing, whether it’s through reading material, workshops or a professional coach invest in strengthening your skill set. By so doing you will increase your joy in working with those you lead, viewing them as assets and not burdens on your SHIP.

Place Your Crew Members Where They Belong

The worst thing to do is to place someone in a position that does not remotely match their skill set! They will surely drown. They will lack confidence, be miserable, resent you and infect the rest of your crew with their negative disposition. The smart leader evaluates skill sets and appropriately aligns his crew where their strengths lie. All jobs are equally as important to keep your SHIP afloat, so make sure you match them up well!

When you as the Leader, have yourself and your crew operating harmoniously, your chances of ship wreck are slimmer. So the next time you look at the word LeaderSHIP pay attention to where your mindset falls. Become the vessel that others will take pride in boarding, for they know it is strong enough to carry them to destination “Success”, for the Leader clearly understands his weighty responsibility!

Written by Monique Stubbs-Hall

Professional Speaker/Hospitality & Service Expert

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