The Grooming Greatness Foundation’s initiative “Ladihood” is the seat of community outreach. The program has been running since 2013 and has impacted the lives of  100’s of youth. Our goal is to build self-esteem, reinforce valuable life lessons, provide mentorship and recognition for a job well done.

We provide an annual program of quarterly activities for our young ladies, A kick off in the spring with a 3 hour workshop that focuses on the 4 components that we feel creates a well rounded young lady covering: The mindset of a lady, image & etiquette, health & fitness and coping with life’s stressful situations (including teen suicide, self-mutilation, violence in teen dating & bullying). All in a safe and interactive environment. Summer brings a talent showcase of our young lady’s artistic talents. Fall highlights our annual gala and Winter an exposure experience that includes a field trip to an artistic adventure. Each aspect of our program fulfills our desire to Educate, Expose and Enrich our youth to the endless possibilities for their future.


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