Have you ever been in a store and you had a service issue with a rude customer service agent? You were frustrated because you could not get your concerns resolved so you asked for a Manager with the assumption that surely they could assist you. To your dismay, dealing with the Manager was just as bad if not worse than with the front line employee! Well I have experienced this time and time again and it’s another reason why I am so passionate about excellent customer service. In my 30+ years in service and sales industries here is what I have come to understand:

When service is consistently bad with the front line employees, start looking at what’s happening at the Management level. I can almost guarantee that one of these three things are happening:

1. Employees do not understand their value. So many people come to work day in and day out and never understand their worth to the company they work for. They pick up a pay check and feel worthless. They have no connection to the people they service and it shows in how they respond to them. 

Solution: Training…they must be trained to understand they are the first line of contact with the customer and therefore the most important part of the service experience. They are extremely valuable to your company.

2. Management is not incentisising the team. When no goals are set for your team to reach for work is mundane. When an employee knows they will be rewarded for a job well done, you will find they will have an extra pep in their step and excitement to do “the and then some”. 

Solution: As a Management team come up with incentives to keep the team enthused about offering great service. Make the plan simple to follow and attainable. Explain it well to your team and watch them run with it! 

3. Leaders are not treating the team with respect. The greatest breakdown occurs when Management is not rendering goid service to their employees. It’s a “No-Brainer” that constantly gets missed. If you treat your employees like dirt, they will most likely come to work and treat your clients the same way. So service begins with you as a leader. When you serve your employees the way you would like tgem to serve you clientelle you positive example will rub off on them. 

Solution: Make it a goal as the Leader to lead by example. Come into work every day with a smile, show that you are approachable, speak respectfully to your team and let them know your expectations on how they treat each other and the customers. Clarity along with your example will go a long way!

Remember the speed of you as the Leader will truly become the speed of the gang!

Blog Written by Customer Service and Hospitality Expert Monique Stubbs-Hall

Request her to train or speak with your front line and/or management teams on The Art of Service, Conflict Resolution, Navigating the Waters of Leadership or any other service related concerns you may be experiencing.



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